Automotive Glass Inspection Solution

Today, a lot of solutions already exist in the market for the inspection of automotive glass. Snellium proposes its own, which stand out from the others due to two key features: modularity and completeness.

We are able to retrieve many metrics from the inspected glass, including shape, curvature, optical distortion, sharpness reduction, thickness. Our machines can be adapted to include only a subset of the features, to covers different glass parts sizes, or inspect the glass from different points of view. This allows our clients to pay only for what they need at one time, leaving the possibility to upgrade the machine for minimal cost if needed in the future. It also reduces the time and cost of inspections, by doing all of them at the same time.

ADAS Area Inspection

Sharpness reduction and distortion induced by the windshield becomes important characteristics of the windshield when it comes to the ADAS camera. The image quality is directly affected by them, and a good characterisation is required to assure the correct working of the ADAS system.

For more information about ADAS measurements, take a look at the dedicated solution.

Complete Windshield Characterisation

Our machine works like a scanner; making the windshield pass in front of camera systems. Using deflectometry, shape and curvature can be extracted; using collimated light the other features can be computed.

Including already advanced hardware, metrics, precision and performances will be continuously improved by software updates. Discover here the list of features for which we demonstrated our know-how.

Camera Systems

The camera systems are modular in two different aspects: features and region of inspection.

Each module includes three cameras, used either for deflectometry (shape and curvature) or transmission (other metrics). Modules can be replaced and/or upgraded depending on the client needs.

Each module covers, in transmission, about 50 mm of glass. By adding and removing modules, any windshield height can be virtually supported. Smaller ones can be inspected at a lower cost.