DIC Algorithm

DIC stands for Digital Image Correlation. This is a powerful tool to detect features deformation across multiple images.

Digital Image Correlation is used in a lot of different fields. At Snellium, we use it to track and measure image distortion and deformation using our dedicated implementation.

DIC displacement example

Distortion Measurements

Digital Image Correlation is a relative measurement. Given a reference and a currently observed image, it computes the distortion to apply to get from the reference to the current image. Our implementation can track displacements up to a precision of one-hundredth of a pixel.

This algorithm is ideal for the characterisation of glass parts. The main information received is of course the image distortion induced by the windshield, but its high precision makes it also suitable for defect detection, cosmetic inspection, etc.

When using DIC with patterns developed by Snellium, it becomes possible to perform additional measurements as Modulation Transfer Function.

Nvidia CUDA logo

GPU Acceleration

Snellium DIC algorithm is implemented using CUDA, the GPU programming framework of NVidia, making it extremely fast.

Our DIC implementation is ready for real-time measurements, live inspections or as feedback for experimental setup calibration.