Innovative Solutions for Optical Inspection


Advanced Profilometer for Specular Surfaces

SNELLIUM stands at the forefront of innovation, having pioneered a cutting-edge technology that empowers swift and precise numerical reconstruction of specular objects.

Evaluating Optical System Performance

Drawing upon years of expertise in optics and research and development, we offer innovative and effective alternatives for predicting the performance of intricate optical systems.

Versatile Design​

At SNELLIUM, we possess extensive expertise in the design of laboratory and production line devices that incorporate our cutting-edge solution for quality inspection and analysis applications.




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SNELLIUM's origins are rooted in the RePRO glass project, a spin-off project of Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) started in 2018. Founded in December 2021, the company has been dedicated to innovating the design of laboratory and production line devices, integrating cutting-edge solutions for optical quality inspection and analysis.

The company's primary objective is to advance optical quality inspection systems by harnessing cutting-edge technologies that integrate multiple optical inspections into a single device and employ innovative algorithms to target new markets, including automotive, glass containers, lens quality control, and medical applications.

Partnering as a technology provider alongside industry leaders, we achieve competitive advantages and ongoing enhancements in product quality monitoring and analysis through our dynamic solutions.


CEO - Wassilis Tzevelecos

As an engineer, scientist, and visionary behind the RePRO glass spin-off initiative, I am also the co-founder and CEO of SNELLIUM. With a wealth of commercial and technical expertise, I bring a profound understanding of SNELLIUM's groundbreaking technology.

CTO - Vincent van Pelt

I graduated with honors in Civil and Software Engineering, boasting a robust IT foundation. I'm co-founder of SNELLIUM and I serve as the CTO, fueled by a deep passion for computer science.

CPO - Abbas lakkis

Proficient in the design, manufacturing, assembly, integration, and interfacing of intricate systems. I've dedicated significant efforts at SNELLIUM to conceptualize and bring to life laboratory hardware serving as CPO.

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